Perry, A Drinker’s Guide

Perry, A Drinker’s Guide

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The book will help drinkers navigate the styles, flavours, varieties, countries, regions and producers behind this ancient and fascinating drink. Whether long-standing perry fans or those discovering perry for the very first time, the book offers a treasure trove of information.

Although the biggest industrial brands are on the wane, around the world consumers and producers are waking up to the brilliance, potential and variety to be found in perry and making better, more exciting full-juice perries than have ever been available before.

Author Adam Wells, charts the drink’s remarkable history, walks you through the orchards and the trees that make this drink — some of them over three-hundred years old — and guides you through perry’s three great heartlands, in the UK, Normandy and Austria’s Mostviertel, as well as casting an eye on the makers pioneering this drink elsewhere around the world.

Perry has always deserved more of a spotlight, and a perry renaissance is beginning to see it recognised as a distinct and marvellous drink in its own right.