Little Pomona - Table Perry
Little Pomona - Table Perry

Little Pomona - Table Perry

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The UK is home to a little known natural treasure. It’s called the perry pear. They come in all shapes and sizes growing on trees which are famously long lived. Although beautiful to look at, they are rarely pleasant to eat, but their fermented juice is capable of scaling heights normally reserved for fine wines.

This Table Perry is a joyously accessible introduction to this rare drink. With its creamy texture, juicy fruits, soft sparkle, gentle tannins and modest alcohol, Table Perry makes for happy company with any meal or conversation.

The little touch of sugars left over from fermentation makes this perfect with a wide range of spice food. It's also great picnic fare, works super well with almost anything coming from the barbecue, is a delight with vegetarian and vegan dishes, and loves a tangy goats cheese.

As with many a perry, this has thrown a sediment, what many call Perry Diamonds. It's completely harmless, simply the tannins clumping together after bottling. So, the best way to serve is to chill really well, open with care, keep upright, and pour steadily.


7% abv