Little Pomona Somerset Redstreak

Little Pomona Somerset Redstreak

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still, dry barrel aged cider

Somerset Redstreak is an apple characterised by its top notes of juicy, bright citrus fruit and slightly green tannins. We were lucky to be able to purchase this apple, all handpicked, from Albert and Mike Johnson at Broome Farm in Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire.

We didn’t set out to make a single variety. Those high notes are great but often without the bass, things are never really complete. As always our approach was simple, we pressed into tank and left the juice to ferment spontaneously. Post fermentation we racked into three ex-Chardonnay barrels and left them to rest for nearly eight months. During this time the cider evolved in an interesting way, the oak acting to flesh out and broaden the liquid without altering its essential character.

In the end we retained, actually increased its mouth-watering juiciness, as well as softening the tannins and bringing on board some sweeter, vinous elements from the oak to create something lovely, fresh, delicious and complete.

Enjoy cool not cold. Gluten free. Vegan friendly.

No added sulphites.