Little Pomona Disco Nouveau 2023

Little Pomona Disco Nouveau 2023

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Pet nat homage to Beaujolais Nouveau and the sublime Discovery apple

Wonderful Discovery apples arrived at the beginning of September, in two tranches. This blend of two pressings, one macerated for two days in the press to extract as much flavour and colour from the bright red eating apples, the juice run into stainless tanks to ferment spontaneously. The fermentation was close to completion a month later, where the decision was made to blend in 6% of the infamously fruit forward and high acid variety ‘Foxwhelp’ from the LP own home orchard.

Disco Nouveau remains a cider talking about the seasonality of artisan cider production, and more widely, about the seasons in which cider is drunk. Cider is for all year round and not just for summer. It’s very fragrant, and in the mouth it's all fresh wild strawberries and fruit laces, with apple blossom and racy, ripe apple notes. The sparkly texture makes it highly crushable.

Region: Herefordshire, UK

Blend: Discovery (94%), Foxwhelp (6%)

Fermentation: Wild

Maturation: Ex-white burgundy barrels


On the nose – Strawberry laces, lychee

On the palate – Fresh wild strawberries, tangfastics, sharp apple


Gilda, paella, a sweaty dancefloor where you feel like John Travolta but look like Barry from Eastenders

Pulp - Disco 2000

Serve chilled