Zapiain Sagardoa Ekologikoa

Zapiain Sagardoa Ekologikoa

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Natural Spanish Organic Sidra from the Basque Country

Zapiain's organic natural cider is made only with cider apples from organic farming. It's yellow or greenish-yellow and presents certain turbidity or sediment in the bottle because it has not been filtered. It has a certain content of endogenous CO2 (not added) and is slightly alcoholic. It stands out for its fruity character, clean in the nose and mouth, well structured and easy to drink. The average alcoholic graduation is 6%. There are exceptional vintages in which, mainly for climate reasons, the apple is richer in sugar and the resulting cider contains slightly more alcohol, around 7%. It's linked to the ENEEK and the European Commission regulations regarding organic farming and subject to quality controls, both physicochemical and sensory, carried out by the Fraisoro laboratory, which must be passed before going on the market under the Gorenak quality brand.

Region: Basque, Spain

Blend: Spanish sharps and bittersharps

Fermentation: Wild ferment

Maturation: Chestnut barrels


On the nose – Green apple, Pine, anise

On the palate – Pineapple, Lime, almonds


Butter bean stew, Calamari, breaking guitar strings during the solo

ABBA - Chiqitita

Serve chilled and poured from height