Little Pomona To Boldly Go - 'The Metamorphosis' 2021

Little Pomona To Boldly Go - 'The Metamorphosis' 2021

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Perry wine blend - Yes you read that right!

This creation began with a small but ripe crop of Solaris grapes, sent for a four week, whole bunch, carbonic maceration, before being pressed off with more grapes, Seyval Blanc. This nascent wine was sent to tank to ferment spontaneously. As the month turned from October to November, LP pressed two varieties of perry pears ‒ Long Bois & Antricotin ‒ running some of this juice into the wine to make a roughly 50/50 blend of grape and pear. In the new year, it was decided to send the liquid to bottle with the addition of sugar and a white wine yeast for a second fermentation, aiming to develop a fine, soft, creamy sparkle. After a year it was hand disgorged. No dosage was required.

Region: Herefordshire, UK

Blend: Solaris and Seyval Blanc grape, Longbois and Antricotin pears

Fermentation: Wild, co-ferment

Maturation: Bottle conditioned


On the nose – Honeysuckle, white grape skin, nectarine

On the palate – Yuzu lemon, peachiness, citrusy lime


Goats cheese, Malaysian curry, a wee seat after a full day of home decorating

Public Service Broadcasting - Gagarin

Serve cool