Gregg’s Pit Dabinett and Yarlington 2019
Gregg’s Pit Dabinett and Yarlington 2019

Gregg’s Pit Dabinett and Yarlington 2019

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Naturally Sparkling Keeved Cider

Smooth, with low acidity and lightly bitter tail. Medium tannins, with toffee apple, butterscotch and phenolic notes

Milled fruit is mascerated for 24 hours before pressing. Raw juice is then added along with a special enzyme and calcium chloride, before the juice is pumped top to bottom for 40 minutes to form a ‘brown cap’. This absorbs the nitrogen and vitamins that would otherwise interract with the wild yeast. After 10-15 days the brown cap is thick and developed and the juice underneath is nutrient poor and slow fermenting. This juice is drawn off from under the brown cap and allowed to mature for 6-9 months before being racked off and bottled.  

Drink chilled

Region: Herefordshire, UK

Blend: Yarlington Mill and Dabinett

Fermentation: Wild ferment, keeved

Maturation: Bottle conditioned


On the nose – Smoke, spice, leather

On the palate – Butterscotch, toffee apple, hint of smoke


Steak, French cheese, fine art that confuses you but you still like it.

Yves Montand - Trois petites notes de musique

Serve cool