Skyborry Rural Method 2022

Skyborry Rural Method 2022

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 ABV. 6.3% | 750ML | VEGAN | GLUTEN FREE

Medium dry sparkling cider

A blend of fruit from two very special old orchards, The Boymar orchard at the Court of Noke and the Cottage Orchard at Breinton. Both planted over 80 years ago. Trees rooted deep into the thick Herefordshire red clay soil. Full flavoured medium dry cider with a light carbonation. Possibly the two best terrains they get fruit from and the brothers are proud to say that they feel like they’ve done them justice in this bottle.

Region: Knighton, Powys, Wales


Fermentation: Wild ferment

Maturation: n/a


On the nose – Dark cherry, coffee grounds, cinnamon 

On the palate – Beautiful soft tannins, dried apricot, cake


Cured meats, game pie, Commodore 64

The Twilight Sad - It Never Was The Same

Serve cool