Niepoort Drink Me Nat’Cool Baga 1L

Niepoort Drink Me Nat’Cool Baga 1L

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Niepoort Drink Me Nat’Cool 

ABV. 12% | 1Litre 

Nat Cool Drink Me Baga Niepoort, hands off wine making, Carbonic Maceration, soft, light expression of Baga.

Baga is a touch grape which is very high in tannin and generally needs time to mature and express its delightful floral aromas and fruit character.  The astringent elements of the Baga grape are tamed and the resulting wine is pure juicy, fresh red with delicious wild berries, floral notes and light body.

This wine is great fun, on opening there is a note of spritz but this vanishes quickly, I reckon it is just the wine's youthful spirit leaping from the bottle on its re-acquaintance with oxygen.

What follows is very easy, juicy red which can be enjoyed chilled in the summer with a BBQ or at room temp in the autumn with some field mushrooms.